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Professional Tax Return Preparation

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Tax Deductions

Today's tax laws are so complicated, especially with the updated tax regulations each year. It is so easy to overlook deductions and credits to which you are entitled if you are only preparing one return a year. Even the use of computer software is no substitute for the assistance of an experienced tax preparer.

We prepare hundreds of tax returns every year. We know what to look for when your return is prepared; and we are available 12 months of the year.

In addition, we also provide tax planning and tax cutting strategies. Whether you're a wage earner, an investor, a business owner, or all three, you should use the tax- cutting benefits available in the tax law. There is nothing to be gained by paying more tax than the law demands.

Identify the tax saver for which you qualify. Use the partial list of itemized deductions below as a checklist to help determine whether you may benefit from itemizing.


Doctor & Dentist Fees

Charitable Contribution

Prescription Medicines

Casualty Losses


Theft Losses


Tax Return Preparation Fees

Air Conditioner Necessary For Allergies Or Respiratory Ailments

Safe Deposit Box Used To Store Investments

Nursing Fees

Work Clothes Not Suitable For Normal Wear

Hospital Fees

Expenses Relating To Tax Planning

Contacts/ Glasses

Expenses Relating To Investments

Chiropractic Services

Professional Dues & Union Dues

Medical, Dental, And Long-Term Care Insurance

Certain Unreimbursed Employee Expenses

Hearing Aids

Subscription To Professional Magazines


Continuing Professional Education

Guide Dog For Physically Disabled Persons

Occupational Licensing Fees

Cosmetic Surgery For Deformity Relating To A Congenital Abnormality, Accident, Or Disease

Travel Expenses Relating To Managing Investments

Special Equipment Installed In Home To Provide A Medical Benefit

IRS Administration Fees

Birth Control Prescribed By A Doctor

Job-Hunting Cost

State Income Taxes

Medical Exams Required By Employers

Personal Property Taxes

Gambling Losses To Extent Of Gambling Winning

Home Mortgage Interest

Estate Taxes

Points Paid On Purchase Of Residence

Fees To Collect Interest Or Dividends

Points Paid On Refinancing

Legal Fees For Collecting Taxable Income

Investment Interest

Trust Administration Fees

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